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The Client

The client is Germany based multinational providing systems for surface finishing, air pollution control, anaerobic digestion and process & high-temperature technologies.


The client wanted to migrate their USA specific website from their proprietary CMS to HubSpot COS. Their existing site was not responsive and while doing migration, they wanted us to make all of their existing components responsive. Inside their existing site, there were some Javascript based components which they wanted to migrate “as-is” so that their USA website look similar to their corporate website for other countries. They also had a worldmap to show the location where they operate. They wanted to migrate it in HubSpot COS.

Our Solution

As most of their existing site was not responsive and the client wanted to migrate their existing site “as-is”, it was very challenging task for us to develop everything in HubSpot COS. We replaced various image sliders with the matching responsive image sliders. Tab components on their website were converted using matching JQuery. Also, to make management of the website easy, we developed various Custom components using Flexi columns so that they can add as many items as they want. Development of the location map was most challenging task as the existing map was not responsive and they wanted to preserve it in the newly migrated site. The location map had a click popup open functionality which made the work quite tricky as it was quite hard to achieve pixel perfect precision in mobile devices. However, we are very proud to say that we could migrate location map along with required click popup open functionality as is. Client was very very impressed with the work done by us. We developed following components for this Project.

  • Home Page Template
  • One column, Two Column, Three Column sitepage templates
  • One column, Two Column landing page templates
  • Required custom modules
  • Custom map component
  • Custom Slider and Tabbed Navigation Components
  • Two level navigation and two level mobile navigation
We also migrated their 50+ site and lading pages to the new COS system and due to our precise verification policy, not a single issue was reported back to us post release.

Services Provided

  • HubSpot COS Development
  • HubSpot custom module development
  • Site Pages Development
  • Landing Pages Development
  • Content Migration
  • Verification of the migrated content

Tools & Technologies used

  • HubSpot COS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Responsive Design

End Result

As we achieved [a] As-is migration of the whole site [b] Responsive Website [c] Proper migration of the content, client was very impressed with our work. They were now all set to launch their inbound marketing campaign using HubSpot.