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The Client

The client is US based retirement village. They had two different websites and they wanted us to migrate their existing sites from Wordpress to HubSpot COS.


The client had two sites and they had their landing pages and blog pages setup in HubSpot. They were very pleased with the results they achieved using HubSpot and wanted to migrate their site pages to the HubSpot. They had a very typical custom calendar component which they wanted to migrate as-is in HubSpot. Their sites were partially responsive and wanted us to make it fully responsive. They also wanted ThoughtMate to do the content migration for both the sites after the development is over.

Our Solution

As their existing Landing Pages and blog pages were in HubSpot we could resuse their header and footer to develop the site pages. As their site was partially responsive, while developing home page and site page templates, we had to implement various css tricks to make their site fully responsive. Also, as the client wanted to keep their look and feel as is, we had to replace their image galleries and other javascript components with matching responsive components. The most challenging part was to develop the Event calendar. Their existing site had Wordpress event calendar plugin which allowed users to see Events month wise. It also allowed users to sort the events date wise. We decided to migrate this page as a blog listing page. We requested client to enter the events as blog posts and we then processed blog posts to convert them in to the event format on blog listing page. We also implemented sorting functionality within the events so that the end users can sort them as per their needs. This was most crucial and challenging part of the Project and we can proudly say that we could migrate it as-is with all functionalities. Following were the components developed for this Project.

  • Home Page Template
  • One column, Two Column, Three Column sitepage templates
  • Required custom modules
  • Custom blog listing page
  • Custom blog post page
  • Three level navigation along with mobile navigation
We also migrated their all site pages to the new COS system and client was very happy with the results we achieved.

Services Provided

  • HubSpot COS Development
  • HubSpot custom module development
  • Site Pages Development
  • Landing Pages Development
  • Custom Blog Listing Page Development
  • Custom Blog Post Page Development
  • Content Migration
  • Verification of the migrated content

Tools & Technologies used

  • WordPress CMS
  • HubSpot COS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Responsive Design

End Result

Client was very happy with the results we achieved specifically with the event calendar which we set up using Blog Listing page. It was very crucial part of their website and they were pleasantly surprised with the way we set that up for them. They were impressed with the quality of work and perfection of our migration services.